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What are the benefits of FIFO BOTTLE™?
FIFO BOTTLE™ is bottom dispensing which provides several benefits. Having the sauce already at the bottom means you don’t need to bang the FIFO BOTTLE™ on the counter, providing faster service and longer bottle life. Gravity pulls the sauce down, providing up to 15% sauce savings over traditional squeeze bottles.
What does FIFO mean?
Proper food rotation is the first rule in every kitchen. FIFO BOTTLE™ uses the oldest sauce first. First In, First Out!
Which valve should I use?

FIFO BOTTLE™ works with a wide range of sauces. You can customize FIFO BOTTLE™ for your needs by choosing the dispensing cap and valve which best suits your applications:

Small Valve (Green), ideal for thin and fluid sauces or fine beads of sauce.

Medium Valve (Yellow), ideal for most sauces including ketchup, mustard, BBQ and smooth sauces.

Large Valve (Blue), ideal for thick sauces, sauces with small particles and larger portion amounts, including mayonnaise, tartar sauce and thousand island dressing.

Viscous Valve (Light Blue)*, ideal for sauces like honey, caramel and thick syrups.

*We strongly recommended using the Vented Label Cap with FIFO Bottle™ when dispensing any sauces requiring the Viscous Valve.

How many sizes are there?
There are 5 sizes of FIFO BOTTLE™: 12 oz (355 ml), 16 oz (500 ml), 20 oz (591 ml), 24 oz (710 ml), and 32 oz (946 ml).
How much money can I save using a FIFO BOTTLE™?
This depends on usage, but restaurants have told us they see sauce savings up to 15% over traditional squeeze bottles. The thicker the sauce, the more you save! Check out the Savings Calculator to see how much money FIFO BOTTLE™ can save you.
Does FIFO BOTTLE™ leak?
As long as the appropriate valve is chosen for the type of product being dispensed, no leaking will occur. If the bottles are dropped, a small amount of sauce may splatter. A significant change in temperature from a cold fridge to a hot kitchen will cause the air in the bottle to expand and may result in short term sauce leakage. This can typically be solved by squeezing the bottle once to allow the warmer air into the bottle.
Can you put FIFO BOTTLE™ in a water bath?
This is not recommended as water could be sucked into the bottle after dispensing.
Is FIFO BOTTLE™ dishwasher safe?
Yes. All FIFO BOTTLE™ components are dishwasher safe.
Are all the caps interchangeable?
Yes. FIFO BOTTLE™ has been designed so that all dispensing and label caps will fit onto any size FIFO BOTTLE™.
What sauces do you have label sheets for?
BBQ Sauce, Buffalo, Caesar, Chipotle, Honey Mustard, Italian, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Ranch, Secret Sauce and Thousand Island. We also offer blank label sheets you can write on with permanent marker. Click here to see more details.
What is a Vented Label Cap for?

The Vented Label Cap is for thick or viscous sauces. After a bottle is squeezed, air enters the bottle, filling it back up so it’s ready to squeeze again. With thick or viscous sauces this can take a bit longer so we created the vented cap at the top which allows air into the top of the bottle more quickly so it can be used again sooner!

For dispensing viscous sauces such as honey, caramel and other thick syrups from FIFO BOTTLE™, we recommend using the Vented Label Cap with the Viscous Valve cap.

Does FIFO BOTTLE™ contain BPA?
No. All FIFO products are free of melamine, polyamide and BPA.
What are FIFO BOTTLE’s dimensions?
12oz(355ml) 2.45"(62mm) 6.50"(165mm)
16oz(473ml) 2.45"(62ml) 8.11"(206mm)
20oz(591ml) 2.75"(70mm) 8.11"(206mm)
24oz(709ml) 2.99"(76mm) 8.11"(206mm)
32oz(946ml) 3.42"(87mm) 8.03"(204mm)
Does FIFO BOTTLE™ work with caps from other manufacturers?
No. FIFO BOTTLE™ will only work with FIFO BOTTLE™ caps. Caps require the same threading as the bottle in order to ensure a tight seal.
Can FIFO BOTTLE™ be used to sell sauces retail?
No. FIFO BOTTLE™ is not designed to be a disposable, single-use bottle.
What colors are label caps available in?
FIFO label caps come in: White (Standard), Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Cream, Brown, Grey and Black.
Can we use our own printer to print on blank label sheets?
No. The label sheets include a special coating to help them withstand the wear of commercial kitchens and dishwashers. You can use a permanent marker to write on them, although the labels last longer than the marker!
Can we order custom labels?
Yes. The minimum order is 350 sheets, with 24 labels per sheet. Contact for more information.
How do I keep my FIFO BOTTLES organized?
There are several different organizers available depending on bottle size. Click here to view all of the options.
Do the FIFO BOTTLE™ wire racks work with all sizes of FIFO BOTTLE™?
No, only 12oz and 16oz bottles.
What temperature range can FIFO BOTTLE™ handle?

FIFO BOTTLE™ will withstand temperatures of 180°F/82°C, making it commercial dishwasher safe. For optimal performance and safety, we advise to keep FIFO BOTTLE™ below 100°F/37°C when in use. FIFO BOTTLE™ can be used with warmed sauce at a maximum temperature of 140°F/60°C for up to two hours. Heating FIFO BOTTLE™ can result in leaking when the air inside expands as it warms, forcing sauce to leak from the valves.

Please note that as per the American Burn Association, severe burns can occur when in contact with substances above 120°F/48°C.

Can FIFO BOTTLE™ be microwaved?
We do not recommend warming FIFO BOTTLE™ in a microwave, as this can result in the bottle and its contents exceeding safe handling temperatures. Microwaving may also cause sauce to leak from the bottle as the air inside FIFO BOTTLE™ expands when warmed. However, FIFO BOTTLE™ and its components will not be damaged by the microwaving process.
What is the easiest way to fill my bottles?
Try using the Silicone Funnel for FIFO BOTTLE™. The funnel fits securely into any sized bottle, providing a quick and easy solution.
Why is the Viscous Valve FIFO BOTTLE™ sold with a Vented Label Cap?
The Viscous Valve Dispensing Cap and Vented Label Cap work together to enable fast, easy dispensing of viscous sauces. While the Viscous Valve ensures mess free dispensing of viscous sauces, the Vented Label Cap allows air to re-enter the bottle faster after each squeeze. Without the Vented Label Cap, FIFO BOTTLE™ may take a few seconds longer to refill with air and be ready to dispense again.
Can I Dispense other thick substances such as Nutella™, icing and smooth Peanut Butter with the VISCOUS Valve FIFO BOTTLE™?

Yes, however it’s important to note that the thicker a substance is, the greater the volume left in the “empty” bottle after use. Unlike thinner sauces which fall down towards the valve after each dispense, overly viscous substances may stick to FIFO BOTTLE’s™ walls, making them harder to evacuate from the bottle.

Using a product such as PORTION PAL™ or SAUCE GUN BOTTLE will result in higher yield when working with viscous substances. These products use a plunger to scrape the sides of the bottle while pushing the contents down and out through the valve.