General FAQ

Where can I purchase FIFO products?

FIFO Innovations products are available all around the world. We have an extensive network of dealers across the globe who carry our products. Please contact us at to find a dealer near you. Alternatively, you can purchase any of our products through the FIFO webstore and we’ll have them shipped direct to your door.

Are FIFO products food safe?
Yes. We design our products for the specific needs of foodservice establishments. This means that all FIFO Innovations products are manufactured with food grade materials.
Do your products contain BPA?
No. All FIFO products are free of melamine, polyamide and BPA.
Are your products dishwasher safe?
Yes. All FIFO products are commercial dishwasher safe.
How much waste do traditional squeeze bottles create?

On average, traditional squeeze bottles can leave 15% - 25% of your sauce stuck in the bottle. When you consider the volume of sauce busy restaurants go through each day this adds up, FAST! A busy restaurant could be losing more than $1,000 each year from wasted sauce.

Click here to calculate how much you could save by upgrading to FIFO products.

How can I reduce food waste for my restaurant?
Many restaurants find FIFO products to be an effective component of their waste reduction efforts. Not only do PORTION PAL™ and SAUCE GUN BOTTLE offer the highest product yield, restaurants can also forecast stock requirements more accurately to help prevent over ordering.
What is NSF™?
NSF™ is a public health and safety company that regulates the food service industry.
When will my order ship?
Web orders typically take 3-5 business days to process and ship. Allow another 5-7 business days for the product to arrive at your door.
Why doesn’t my tracking number work?
You will receive your UPS tracking number once your order is packed and ready for collection. Your tracking number may initially show as invalid, this is normal. Tracking numbers become active once the package has been picked up by UPS and is en route to you.
How can I setup a wholesale account?

Please contact us at to find out how to set up a wholesale account.