Valves - 6 Pack



Customize any FIFO product to suit your saucy needs. Valves help control the flow of sauce and ensure a clean seal. Choose between:

  • Small Valve: Ideal for thin and fluid sauces or fine beads of sauce.
  • Medium Valve: Ideal for most sauces including ketchup, mustard, BBQ and smooth sauces.
  • Large Valve: Ideal for thick sauces, sauces with small particles and larger portion amounts, including mayonnaise, tartar sauce and thousand island dressing.


6 x Valves in selected size

Working with extra chunky or viscous sauces? Check out Viscous Valve and Chunky Valve dispensing caps:
Viscous Valve for FIFO BOTTLE™</a >
Viscous Valve and Chunky Valve for PORTION PAL™</a >
Viscous Valve and Chunky Valve for SAUCE GUN BOTTLE</a >