We’re an agile team, focused on your dispensing needs. Unlike many other food service manufacturers, we’re not trying to be your one-stop-shop, full of me-too products. We lead with forward-thinking dispensing solutions, enabling fast-paced restaurants to create better food, more efficiently. We know you’re not really looking for a new squeeze bottle. You’re looking to improve margins, simplify operations, speed up service, and most of all, ensure your customers have an amazing experience, every single meal! And that’s exactly why more than 100,000 of the world’s busiest restaurants rely on FIFO Innovations for their dispensing needs.

Meet the team

  • Katie Third vice president & general manager
  • Dave Leroux director of sales & marketing
  • Adrian Fisher director of product development
  • Shadi Rohani director of operations
  • Ranbir Gill financial controller
  • Farooq Shariff account manager
  • Tim Johnston account manager
  • Tim McVinish marketing manager
  • Chi-En design specialist
  • Dominic Nduku sales & marketing coordinator
  • Bryan Poteryko mechanical design engineer
  • Luiz Montebello operations supervisor
  • Dionne Belaro shipping supervisor
  • Bonnie Samar materials handler
  • Jennifer Key administrator
  • Samuel Leung accounting associate

Katie Third

Favourite Sauce: Anything my Mom makes
Favourite Restaurant: Wolf in the Fog – Tofino, Canada

General Manager and Vice President of Franke’s Canadian division, Katie is our fearless leader. Since 2014 she has led our team from scrappy start up to an innovative leader in foodservice equipment. Katie’s role naturally finds her involved in business strategy, product innovation, financial management, and many other integral functions to our success. Her calm, confident, positive attitude and ability to find clarity in all situations has earned her the trust and admiration of her team.

Dave Leroux

Favourite Sauce: Béarnaise
Favourite Restaurant: St Lawrence – Toronto, Canada

Dave, our Director of Sales, provides oversight and strategic direction for sales and marketing functions. Working closely with our customers and Product Development Team, his focus lies in ensuring product innovation aligns with customer needs. Outside of work, Dave’s four-legged friend Quila accompanies him on hikes around Vancouver’s vast trail networks.

Adrian Fisher

Favourite Sauce: Secret Aardvark Sauce
Favourite Restaurant: The Kitchen at Da Silva Winery – Penticton, Canada

As Director of Product Development, Adrian is at the heart of our new product and custom solution projects. His diverse experience in film special effects, medical, aerospace and fuel cell engineering brings a broad foundation of knowledge and expertise to our product development team.

Shadi Rohani

Favourite Sauce: Chipotle
Favourite Restaurant: Shandiz – Tehran, Iran

As Director of Operations, Shadi oversees our complete supply chain and inventory management. Her role sees her maintaining active relationships with key suppliers, ensuring smooth operations of warehouse and shipping departments, and developing policies, procedures and a strategic plan that align with department and corporate goals…aka, she’s busy. Graduating with a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering, Shadi’s experience comes from working in strategic sourcing and purchasing for a number of tech companies where she gained exposure to operations and supply chain management.

Ranbir Gill

Favourite Sauce: Anything hot and tangy!
Favourite Restaurant: An ethnic restaurant nestled in the Jaisalmer desert – I can’t recall the name!

Ranbir keeps FIFO’s finances flying high! Previously trained as a pilot, she now heads up our finance and HR functions, ensuring the financial health of the business. Prior to commencing with FIFO Ranbir’s career spanned across Finance and Accounting as well as lecturing in Chandigarh, India. Beyond work she likes to spend her spare time exploring nature’s beauty.

Farooq Shariff

Favourite Sauce: Matouk’s Hot Sauce
Favourite Restaurant: Darjeeling Express – London, UK

Heading up international sales efforts, Farooq leads FIFO’s growth beyond North America. Through working closely with our global key accounts, he ensures our partners are at the forefront of dispensing innovation. Prior to joining FIFO Farooq spent a number of years on the other side of the squeeze bottle as an accredited Red Seal Chef, operating and starting a number of foodservice businesses. Outside of work Farooq’s passion still lies in the kitchen both at home and in his Vancouver restaurant.

Tim Johnston

Favourite Sauce: Valentina Hot Sauce
Favourite Restaurant: Ticonderoga Club – Atlanta, United States

Tim’s focus lies in managing all sales activities within the US and Canada. His wealth of experience, passion and broad understanding of the Foodservice Industry allow Tim to provide excellent insight to help our clients find efficiencies in their operations. If not restaurants or wine, ask Tim about the latest in the NBA or Soccer ;)

Tim McVinish

Favourite Sauce: Byron Bay Chili Company
Favourite Restaurant: La Despensa – Arequipa, Peru

Before joining our team in 2017, Tim established and operated his restaurant and catering company in British Columbia’s interior. As Marketing Manager, he brings direction and strategy to our brand’s marketing efforts, often relying on his extensive restaurant experience to better understand our customers. Beyond FIFO Tim’s spare time is spent exploring the mountains throughout British Columbia.


Favourite Sauce: The “Secret” sauce
Favourite Restaurant: Joe’s Pizza – New York, United States

Chi-En, our Design Specialist, integrates with multiple facets of the business, including innovation, product development and brand direction. Prior to joining our team, he worked in design consultancies and advertising agencies on projects in the consumer products, electronics, transportation and medical design industries.

Bryan Poteryko

Favourite Sauce: Peppercorn
Favourite Restaurant: Burgoo – Vancouver, Canada

Bryan’s background in engineering and quality control, paired with his general passion for design makes him a valuable member in FIFO’s Engineering team. His work centers around product development and improvement while also ensuring manufacturing and quality controls are maintained for all products. Outside of work you’ll find Bryan tinkering and creating as he never has a shortage of side projects he’s working on.

Dominic Nduku

Favourite Sauce: Kozlik’s Canadian Mustard
Favourite Restaurant: Pizzazz Pizza – Harare, Zimbabwe

If you’ve contacted FIFO, you’ve probably spoken with Dominic. Beyond running customer service, Dominic works closely with our Sales and Marketing teams, supporting our Account Managers and helping create marketing materials. A recent business school grad, Dominic’s experience also includes working in quick-serve kitchens. This first-hand experience allows him to directly relate to our customers' needs!

Luiz Montebello

Favourite Sauce: Pesto
Favourite Restaurant: Fogo de Chão – Seattle, United States

Dionne Belaro

Favourite Sauce: Alfredo
Favourite Restaurant: Vikings - Marikina, Philippines

Bonnie Samar

Favourite Sauce: Sweet Chili
Favourite Restaurant: Gerry’s Grill - Manila, Philippines

Jennifer Key

Favourite Sauce: Spice is the Key!
Favourite Restaurant: Dampa – Manila, Philippines

Jennifer, “Jill of all trades” (often more fitting given her experience and the breadth of her role), is our Administrator and Bookkeeper. While Jenny is a key member of our financial team, it’s not uncommon to find her offering support across all departments. Before starting with FIFO, Jenny worked extensively within the Philippine Export Industry, gaining exposure to a diverse range of industries, practices and business philosophies. While she has never officially worked in restaurants, she holds the title of Executive Chef at home. ;)

Samuel Leung

Favourite Sauce: Tzatziki
Favourite Restaurant: Cactus Club – Vancouver, Canada