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What are the benefits to using PORTION PAL™?

PORTION PAL™ enables restaurants to control portions and save money with its 98% sauce yield. The lightweight, ergonomic design allows for fast, accurate dispensing. Adjust portion size by snapping on the colored ring that corresponds to your desired portion.
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What portion sizes can PORTION PAL™ dispense?

PORTION PAL™ can be set to dispense fixed portion quantities. Five portion rings are included with each PORTION PAL™ kit for the following quantities: 1/4oz (7.5ml), 1/3oz (10ml), 1/2oz (15ml), 3/4oz (22.5ml) & 1oz (30ml). Additional portion rings are available separately: 2/5oz (12.5ml), 2/3oz (20ml), 4/5oz (25ml).

What portions size should I dispense?

These videos show each portion size when dispensed onto a 3.75" to 4" diameter bun. Keep in mind that the viscosity of a sauce will affect how much it bleeds across the bun. Thicker sauces will sit in a dollop, while thinner sauces will bleed out and hold less height.

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1-valve portions
3-valve portions
What sauces can be used with PORTION PAL™?
PORTION PAL™ works with a wide range of sauces. You can customize PORTION PAL™ for
your needs by choosing the dispensing cap and valve which best suits your applications:
How do I fill and assemble PORTION PAL™?

See the PORTION PAL™ How to Videos

What sizes does PORTION PAL™ come in?
PORTION PAL™ is available in two sizes: 16oz (500ml) and 24oz (710ml).
Can you store prefilled bottles in the fridge overnight?
Yes, the bottles are designed to provide an airtight seal so you can store full or partially filled bottles overnight. This also allows you to store prefilled bottles and quickly transition during a busy rush. Please note that sauces have a wide range of storage temperature requirements and should be verified with the sauce manufacturer.
Does PORTION PAL™ leak?

As long as the appropriate valve is chosen for the type of product being dispensed and no air pockets are left in the bottle when filling, no leaking will occur. If the bottles are dropped, a small amount of sauce may splatter. A significant change in temperature from a cold fridge to a hot kitchen will cause any air in the bottle to expand and may result in short term sauce leakage. Watch the PORTION PAL™ How To video on filling here.

Can you put PORTION PAL™ in a water bath?
This is not recommended as water could be sucked into the bottle after dispensing.
Is PORTION PAL™ dishwasher safe?
Yes. PORTION PAL™ is dishwasher safe.
Does PORTION PAL™ have measurement markings?
Yes. The PORTION PAL™ has measurement markings in both ounces and milliliters. Some restaurants take sauce inventory and find the markings useful.
How do I keep my PORTION PALS organized?

The Portion Pal Organizer provides storage for 4 PORTION PALs in a 1/3 insert pan.

Will PORTION PAL™ help me reduce food waste?
Restaurants find PORTION PAL™ is an effective tool for their waste reduction efforts. Not only does PORTION PAL™ offer the highest product yield, restaurants can forecast stock requirements more accurately to help plan sauce inventory.
What temperature range can PORTION PAL™ handle?
PORTION PAL™ will withstand temperatures of 180°F/82°C, making it commercial dishwasher safe. For optimal performance and safety, we advise to keep PORTION PAL™ below 100°F/37°C when in use. Heating PORTION PAL™ can result in leaking when the air inside expands as it warms, forcing sauce to leak from the valves.

Please note that as per the American Burn Association, severe burns can occur when in contact with substances above 120°F/48°C.
What is the difference between PORTION PAL™ and SAUCE GUN BOTTLE?

Both PORTION PAL™ and SAUCE GUN BOTTLE provide accurate portioning, fast dispensing and a 98% yield. PORTION PAL™ is made from food grade plastic for an ergonomic lightweight design, while SAUCE GUN BOTTLE works with stainless-steel SAUCE GUNS, making it slightly heavier, but extremely durable. Each SAUCE GUN dispenses a fixed portion, whereas PORTION PAL™ can dispense multiple portions (ranging from 1/4oz to 1oz) by simply switching out the colored portion ring on the handle. If you have any more questions about the differences between PORTION PAL™ and SAUCE GUN BOTTLE, contact

Why is PORTION PAL™ not available with Chunky or Viscous Valves in a two or three-valve dispensing cap version?

Chunky Valve: Chunky Valve’s extra-large opening requires a larger overall diameter than other valves. As such, it’s not possible to fit multiple Chunky Valves into one dispensing cap.

Viscous Valve: PORTION PAL’s™ design provides smooth, gradual dispensing, allowing for the user to draw lines or patterns for greater sauce coverage. As a sauce’s viscosity increases, so does the pressure required to push it through a valve. As such, using a multi-valve cap with viscous sauces can result in uneven sauce coverage if enough pressure is not generated to open all valves evenly and simultaneously.

Looking to dispense viscous sauces with a multi-valve cap? SAUCE GUN BOTTLE dispenses sauce in a less gradual, more immediate fashion and therefore works better with a three-valve Viscous Valve cap.