Success Story: Chefhyve

Secret Sauce: Chefhyve’s
Flawless Fish Sandwich Revealed
Chefhyve discusses the inspiration and creative process behind their beloved Fish Sandwich.

At Chefhyve, we take pride in our unique cooking style that fuses ingredients from different cultures, bringing exciting and flavorful twists to classic dishes.

One standout item that perfectly embodies our approach is the Fish Sandwich, a handheld experience with a Cajun-inspired spin on the classic British fish and chips. The sandwich debuted on our seasonal menu in 2021 and remains a customer favorite to this day!

Our crunchy fish is served in a toasted cheese bun, providing rich flavors that complement the fish and a firmer texture compared to a classic bun. The crunchy fish is sandwiched between our housemade tartar sauce and dill pickles on the bottom–  and our housemade spicy sauce and coleslaw on top. The snap of the pickles and the crunch of the slaw blend perfectly with the sauces and succulent fish, creating a well-balanced, delightful bite! Our tartar sauce is far from your average mayo and relish recipe– it's a zesty, chunky, peppery, and creamy indulgence. As for our spicy sauce, it's flavored with Cajun spices and fresh garlic, adding the perfect kick to every dish. The final product: a bright, crunchy, and flavorful handheld.

Ingredient Selection & Sourcing
We keep the main ingredients simple, fresh, and housemade. Our fish is local, sustainably caught wild Ling cod, known for its mild taste and consistent availability.

“We proudly and exclusively use
FIFO Bottle™,
the premium squeeze bottle, to dispense our housemade sauces.”

Equipment Selection
In the distant past, we used other inferior squeeze bottles, but constant issues, such as bottle tops popping off, would make sauce dispensing and bottle prep a tedious and frustrating task. Using FIFO Bottle™ has eliminated these issues, allowing us to focus on what we do best– create amazing food for our customers.

An added perk– FIFO Bottle™ valves can be easily interchanged to accommodate different sauces. We use the large blue valve for the chunky tartar sauce and the medium yellow valve for the spicy sauce. And, of course, a major benefit is the FIFO Bottle™ top-fill, bottom-dispense design, which promotes proper food rotation. Since we prepare all our sauces in-house without any preservatives or additives, the “First In, First Out” (FIFO) design maintains the freshness of our sauces.

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