Success Story: Donair Dude

Ask any seasoned restaurant operator and they’ll likely agree that every detail matters. The customer’s experience is the sum of all parts and every decision affects an operator’s bottom line. Yet, seemingly small details are all too easy to sweep under the rug when faced with the ongoing day-to-day of running restaurants.

Donair Dude, the go-to kebab spot for many across British Columbia is known and loved for blending Turkish cuisine with western flavors.

Recently, Co-Founder Tibet Arikan and his team took a step back to audit their systems and check under the hood for ways to optimize their operations.

“For some time we knew our sauce dispensing could be improved; however, we just hadn’t taken it seriously. Recently though we said, let’s find a solution for the bottle,” stated Tibet when recalling what sparked his team’s decision to upgrade to FIFO Bottle™. Tibet was looking to reduce inefficiencies during food prep while keeping processes simple.

Ultimately, they wanted a better bottle.

“It speeds up the process of preparation without making any mess so that I can serve more customers.”

Enter FIFO Bottle™: straightforward to use, easy to clean, and no need to cut the tips off those pesky old squeeze bottles! Tibet’s favorite improvement since implementing the bottles? “I’m debating between how nice it looks on our customer facing prep tables and speed of service!” Employees no longer waste time shaking and banging bottles to get sauce out. Instead, the bottom dispensing FIFO bottles keep sauce at the ready for speedy dispensing.

“It’s easier for our employees to fill, dispense, and clean.”

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