About Us


What we are famous for:
Developing sauce dispensing solutions for the world’s largest restaurant companies.

How we got here:
Our goal is to offer world class products and service. In 2004 we were a small start up company that created the original First In -First Out style squeeze bottles (aka.FIFO BOTTLE™) that are now being used in over 100,000 restaurant locations around the world. Since then we have designed and launched the best-in-class portion control dispenser, Portion Pal. We intend to continue innovating new products for the most progressive restaurant groups in the world.

Our development process is driven by creativity and collaboration. Customers, engineers, inventors and operators in the restaurant industry have all played an integral role in the evolution of our products. Every day we ask ourselves “How can we make it better”. We encourage anyone with an idea to present it to us; maybe we can help make it a reality.

FIFO BOTTLE™ can be found in over 100,000 restaurant locations around the world but we still appreciate every order. No matter how big or small, we are committed to offering fair prices and quick delivery.